New Year New Me… I’m basic

With the approaching new year I heard squawking about New Years resolutions and goals. I told myself that this year that wouldn’t be me. Setting goals I had no intention of even attempting to achieve. This year I was just going to continue with the tools I had learned from my Evolution training in October and just keep nurturing myself. It wasn’t until an incident, I’m just going to avoid talking about in order to keep the negativity and drama at bay, had happened that I knew it was time to make a resolution for myself. 
I always speak of letting people go and moving on, but I have a habit of accepting any back handed apology and taking it as sincere. Deep down I know it’s a relationship with an expiration date sitting and spoiling until the next incident arises, yet I continue to let the person or people back in. So that is why I need to set an intention to not allow this anymore. If someone decides to walk out of my life I’m not going to ball and chain them to stay. I need to let them go and also decide for myself that I won’t be that doormat any longer. No matter how dramatic and theatrical the apology might be. 
So here it goes 2017 be good to me. I’m still a tender soul that needs nurturing. I’ll need guidance along the way and strength to stay away from the people that bring me down. 
This past year I’ve lost a lot of friendships I thought would last a lifetime, but lord have I gained so much. I was talking to my fiancĂ© about how I used to be 5 years ago and he agrees I’ve found my old self again. I’m able to fully love people again with both feet off the ground. It’s helped me strengthen and deepen a lot of my friendships. I actually have best friends again. People I feel comfortable telling my deepest darkest secrets with no fear of judgement. It’s a great feeling. 
I’m happy for what I’ve had to experience these past years to help me truly and deeply appreciate who I am today. I won’t lose her again.