The Idea Of Minimalism

Shuffling around my tornado whirl wind destruction of a house squeezing past multiple vacuums and lonely shoes I decided I needed to purge! In the last I blog I mentioned how sometimes you feel the need to buy things to impress the people around you, well I am guilty of that a million times over.

I have a three bedroom house with every room furnished to the max. I spent the past five years rebuilding my shattered life from a previous breakup. I lost a lot along the way and I felt the need to fill the void with “things”; Vases, wall art, candles, clothes, shoes, and more than enough coffee tables. I like how buying stuff makes me feel. Its my stuff, nobody can take it away from me. When I get paid I go and buy more things. Sometimes they serve a purpose, other times they just sit on the top, out of reach shelf of my closet.

In August I got hurt at work and have been taken off ever since. These past months I’ve watched my beautiful home turn into a place I dread waking up to. The piles of laundry I cant lift or fold has taken over my laundry room. ” I despise these things,” I say to myself. My hand injury has left me wanting a empty home that I can actually maintain.

One of my friends had posted a picture on instagram a bit ago about purging 80% of her belongings. I began doing some reading. Minimalism to me Is about not having so many things that you are emotionally attached to. Giving items that emotional connection gives them power over you . They control you. I’ve been playing around with the idea of moving to Seattle, but cant fathom the idea of transporting all of my belongings. I started feeling like my dream is out of reach because of all my worldly belongings. My items hold me back from so much. I have anxiety when It comes to allowing my friends over because my home isn’t as organized as I would like. I have started to feel overwhelmed with all the things I own.

I decided to look more into becoming a minimalist. thinking maybe this is just another part of my spiritual journey. I’ve watched video after video, pulling tips and advice from each one. I’m going to start this process by going from room to room with three boxes, each box for a different category. I will either trash, keep, or donate my items. Some minimalist put a set number to the amount of things they can posses, but this is to intense for myself. I will merely just try to remove the clutter that clouds my life. I have clothes that I haven’t worn for years…my prom dress from high school, a old sweater from when I was 5. I found a pin awhile ago about turning your hangers the reverse way and getting rid of the items that don’t  leave the hanger or that don’t get turned the right way. I’m going to do this . Something else I saw that I liked was donation Sundays, every Sunday a man on one of the videos I watched takes five of his items to the Goodwill. I plan on doing the same.

I really adore the idea of being a minimalist. The idea of being more organized really excites me.

At the end of every month I want to give a update on how everything is going with my journey. I want to elaborate on how my vision board is working, how my manifestations are working, the meditation, how I’m doing with deactivating my Facebook, and now my minimalistic life style. I want to let you guys know how I’m feeling. I would like to inspire you to embark on a spiritual journey of your own. It is the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I feel free again.

Sincerely Me


4 thoughts on “The Idea Of Minimalism

  1. Great idea of starting to classify your things into those you want to keep,donate or throw! It’s a great start but you can try solving the root of your problem(:

    You purchase items to fill your emotional emptiness and that clutters your place. I’d just like to say that its okay to feel empty. All these emotions are just part and parcel of life and there is no need to fill the void. Accept it for what it is! Celebrate you – it may be empty in terms of social relationships etc but fill it with you(:

    Some rare days I dress up because I feel like it and on other days I wear my pyjamas to school because I dont really care what people think. Whatever way you dress, you will still get judged so why bother about it. Just do what you feel like!

    Lastly, just know that you are not alone and there are tons of people who are going through the same thing as you(: you can’t control the things that happen but you can control your reaction to it! Remember when you feel like you’re at the bottom, the only place left to go is up!(:

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It feels nice to know Im not alone. I read something once, “rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life” I don’t remember who said if but I’ve always loved it.


  2. I started about six years ago when I was ill. We moved across country and that really helped us consider what to keep. I keep some sentimental things in a trunk and took pictures of what I let go if it was sentimental. I find the space and time I’ve gained amazing as well as the peace. Welcome aboard!


  3. Sorry it’s taken me a while, but I’m glad you enjoyed my post at Your question inspired me to complete a half written draft. It’ll be up tomorrow with tips on getting started.

    If your willing, starting with your wardrobe is a great idea, particularly as you’ve identified clothes you want to remove before you’ve even looked at it. I personally never got on with turning the hangers but then came across the idea of simply having a marker and moving your clothes to the other side after you’ve washed them. Eventually all the clothes you wear regularly will be on one side. The rest can go 🙂

    I also like identifying high hit areas like sock drawer (anything with a hole can go!) or medicine cupboard (anything out of date can go). It can be really motivating to have ticked areas off (although I’ve just been through my wardrobe for the second time fully this year and only now feel it is right for me). As you get slicker at decision making, you might find you need to revisit some areas.

    Enjoy the journey. Cx


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